Email Strategy

An email marketing strategy is a way for your business to have a direct line of communication with existing and potential customers.

Bespoke email strategies

An email marketing strategy offers a range of benefits and can help a business flourish by promoting through email. Having an email strategy allows your business to plan promotions, set marketing goals and keep on top of your results and gauge what is and isn't working.

Our email strategy experts specialise in designing bespoke, detailed plans for your business, considering goals and objectives to ensure they are handcrafted to each client. Our strategists take into account any time-sensitive promotions and USPs and plan the strategy accordingly. By letting Colewood Digital create and optimise your email strategy, your business's emails will not only look good but perform just as well, delivering a consistent message to your target audience.

Email Marketing Case Studies

E.H.Thorne | Email


Email Revenue

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Hugh Rice | Email


Revenue increase

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Jasmine Silk | Email


Revenue increased by

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