Leon from Jasmine Silk had never entertained the idea of email marketing and didn’t have the time or resource to manage it in-house. He asked Colewood to develop new templates and deliver engaging emails to his client base.

We’ve continued to make this channel perform for over 5 years AS the year-on-year figures show

Our Approach

As we had little to improve upon, we used our initiative to create bespoke templates that represented the Jasmine Silk brand customers know and love. Jasmine Silk cater for the hospitality sector so we included information about this in the template to highlight that they work closely with hotels and boutiques.

Even though it was largely un-tapped channel for JS we had doubts as to how it would perform due to the lack of consume-ability of the products on offer. It turns out people love to buy silk bed linen quite a lot and the first 6 months amazed us.

We’ve continued to make this channel perform for over 5 years and the year-on-year figures show this.

The Results

First 6 months (email traffic only)

New users increased by


Transactions increased by


Revenue increased by


Lifetime performance

Average YOY transaction increase


Average YOY revenue increase


Email conversion rate


Return on investment


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