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Tips To Improve Communication Within The Team

Working in the world of marketing can make communication within a team quite a challenge. Being inundated with projects, tasks and other daunting aspects of work can make it easy for communication to go by the wayside. From deadlines to a surge in stress levels, it’s imperative that you keep on top of communication. This is so that they don’t get stranded alone in a sea of digital mediums.

Here are some top tips to make communication during working life more efficient.

Embrace Task Management Tools

It’s increasingly vital to converse with colleagues, especially when you’re working in the same team. Development is something you should aspire to improve on day-to-day as it simply makes your life easier. As workplaces are increasingly switching to digital, business tools such as Asana come in handy.

Task managers such as Asana (a teamworking management tool) allow you to focus on the task at hand whilst notifying those in your team about what you’re working on. You can distribute projects and tasks to one another whilst conversing effectively through comments, status updates and likes.

Get To Know Your Team

When being part of the team, you should make an effort to get to know who you’re spending the majority of your waking weekdays with. You should seek to create a level of comfort within the team. It’s imperative to be able to hold a friendly conversation with co-workers. Why not head out for lunch together, catch up on life outside of work, or simply drop one another a message to ask if they’re doing okay with their workload. A little goes a long way. 

Try Communication Training

One of the most highly effective ways to boost communication within a team is by training. This doesn’t mean improving on conversational skills. It’s simply an aid to improve presentation skills, managerial skills and how to spot strengths and weaknesses. Also other factors such as stress and how to manage it together as a team. Albeit these training courses can be costly, but the benefits of they leave behind far outweigh the £££ of it.

Working In Social? Create A Content Calendar

It can be tough to churn out content sometimes without spending hours and hours searching for things to write about. There are so many platforms to take charge of and utilise for a bigger pool of audiences to be driven to your website. From Facebook to Instagram, podcasts to video, creating a content calendar will save your life. The most efficient way of doing so is focusing on the industry your client/your business is in. Google national/international days (e.g. National Chocolate Day, National Hug Your Friend Day) or newsjacking content. This produces the calendar each month and begins splitting the content across the 4 weeks. Easy peasy. 

Create An Anonymous Survey

In some places, it may be quite difficult for employees to be open and honest. To truly acknowledge and understand your team members, consider creating an anonymous survey to help them speak their mind. Here at Colewood, once upon a time, one of our lovely co-workers advocated for Payday Pizza to come into existence. Next thing you know, we have Payday Pizza every month! It really does work. 

Take Advantage Of Weekly Meetings

Taking it from the clients’ perspective – “Am I seeing results?” “Is someone even working on my account?” Being a client, you may know far too well that lack of contact with marketing agencies can leave you feeling a little lost and wondering what’s going on. So, before you decide on an agency, ensure that they provide you with weekly meetings. Alternatively, some constant communication in some form. This will help to improve rapport, work on communication skills and allow a positive experience overall.

We understand how difficult it can be to manage tasks and communication day-to-day. However, we prioritise our colleagues and our clients as our communication skills are at a great standard. If you’re looking to prioritise your workload and need help with any form of digital marketing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Colewood.