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Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is important to success and growth in any form of marketing, whether it online, offline, performance or brand. However, it’s imperative when you’re dealing with Google Ads. Because let’s be honest when it’s not working, it can be expensive.

I’ve detailed a few things to consider when thinking about your audience (or starting a new campaign) below;

General targeting

Let me give you an example, you’re a high thrills water sports company who thrives in adventure and adrenaline. You shouldn’t be targeting the 65+ (sorry Grandma – you’re the exception). It’s really as simple as that. You might only save a little bit on this demographic, but regardless it’s now budget that’s being used in the right places to generate more traffic on the audiences that mean the most to you. 

Landing Pages

Bounce Rates & CTR bugging you? Why are you still landing the traffic you’re paying for on your home page. Do your homework. If your search terms are specific to the services or products you offer you should have specific pages for them. If not, why not? If you can get this right, not only will it lead to more conversions, it will improve your audience lists. Which in turn will get you more conversions (at the end of the day that’s the main goal right?).


It doesn’t matter if you offer a service or a product. Your re-marketing is vital. Why? People shop around – it’s human nature. Personalise your message in your re-marketing based on the audience and once again not only will you see your interaction rate fly through the roof but your conversion rate will follow. Personalisation is the key to success. And the best bit about re-marketing? It’s generally cheaper. 

I know it’s mentioned slightly on the last point but I can’t stress enough how important it is you get all three of those points perfect. They can really make or break your Google Ad’s account. Any wastage spend on the wrong audience can seriously affect the performance of your audience lists and your Ad’s in general. Think of it this way – It’s hard to do research and optimisations in an account when nothing is working. I’m also guessing that you’d want all of your budget spent on the right client or customer who is more likely to convert (whatever the conversion action may be).

If you manage to get the above in order, you’re paving the way for the success in the future of your account. You’ll gather more actionable data which in turn means you can not only make the right Google Ad’s decisions, but areas to target within other aspects of your digital marketing. Always remember that all of your digital marketing channels should complement each other. Whether that be SEO, Social, Organic, Referrals or PPC.

If you’re struggling with any of the above (or with Google Ad’s in general) get in touch today for a free, no strings attached Google Ad’s audit.