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Here at Colewood, we love digital PR, but it can be hard for some businesses to understand how digital PR is different to traditional PR and the power they can have. It’s a method of content marketing that used to be overlooked, but should now be a key part of your SEO strategy.

It’s been fascinating to see how the past twelve months have affected the creative landscape in marketing and how agencies and businesses have had to adapt. From this strange period, though, we’ve seen some amazing campaigns rise through the ranks!

So without further ado, here are some of our favourite campaigns we’ve seen so far this year.

Taylor & Hart

Playground proposals using Haribo rings are fond memories for 90s kids. Those lucky enough to have their childhood crush get down on one knee at breaktime and offer a sweet as a token of love, will be a huge fan of this campaign.

Playing on these memories, Taylor & Hart have designed their own version of the famous red and yellow Haribo ring, making it the world’s first sweet-inspired engagement ring! Consisting of yellow diamonds and custom-cut rubies, this piece of jewellery costs a whopping £25,000. 

The campaign plays on the company’s Custom Ring Design service and has caught the attention of publications such as OK!, Metro and Entertainment Daily.

Source: Taylor & Hart

Bloom & Wild

In line with Mental Health Awareness week in April, the letterbox flower company worked with architects and graphic designers to reimagine landmarks across the world. Using beautiful florals, the resulting imagery from this campaign is a real treat for the eyes!

The campaign was designed to promote how the use of nature in spaces can improve our health, both physically and mentally. It lands as travel out of the UK is still limited, giving us a taste of tourism that we’re all longing for.

Bravo, Bloom & Wild!

Source: Bloom & Wild


Greenpeace’s latest campaign focuses on the British government’s empty promises towards the UK’s growing issue of plastic waste.

It portrays the Prime Minister giving a speech on the UK’s ‘supposed’ success in tackling plastic pollution, whilst a deluge of empty plastic cartons, packaging and other deluge falls around him, eventually taking over all of Westminster. 

It ends with the words, “This is the actual amount of plastic waste the UK dumps on other countries every single day.”

This campaign only got pushed last week, and we’ve already seen it trending across every social media platform going.


The news has been flooded over the past twelve months with independent business owners across the hospitality industry who have been struck hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the temporary closure of their businesses. 

When we finally got the news that the industry was set to reopen last month, people were eager to socialise again and help out their local bars and pubs. Tesco cleverly tapped into this with their latest ad, encouraging people to go to their local, rather than buying alcohol from their supermarket. 

A bold, but well respected move from Tesco.

Source: Tesco


The latest campaign from the TV giant is a series of playful shorts, pitching its biggest stars, from opposite ends of their programme spectrum, against each other in their ‘Drama vs Reality’ campaign. 

In a bid to show audiences the wealth of drama and reality shows on offer on ITV, the campaign features a series of unlikely pairings from drama and reality TV to fight for the viewers attention. 

With Bafta-winning actors like Jason Watkins pitted against the likes of Love Island winner, Kem Cetinay, the campaign is sure to attract attention from a huge range of audiences – plus the clips are short and snappy enough to share across socials. 

We just love creative pieces like this here at Colewood!


We all know Aldi aren’t ones to shy away from the limelight when it comes to their advertising. After the recent Colin vs. Cuthbert debacle (I’m team #FreeCuthbert, by the way), they have been praised for their quick-witted and quite frankly hilarious social responses to the M&S lawsuit. If that isn’t a lesson on the importance of a good social team and PR, then what is?

Call us cynical, but we’re classing this as a campaign. (After announcing the lawsuit, searches for Colin the Caterpillar were up 200% and Cuthbert 240%, so we imagine sales soared too!)

Since then, Aldi have also branched out into sportswear, which they shared on Twitter with the caption, ‘Aldi’s Just Done It’, heavily influenced by Nike’s ‘Just Do It’.

As part of the release, the brand also roped in former Love Island star, Tommy Fury, to model one of the pieces on Instagram. Since the post went live, the range has flown off the shelves and is now being sold across eBay for triple its RRP!

A reminder from Aldi in the importance of social media and influencers in marketing.

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