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Achieving Our ISO 27001 Certification At Colewood

Colewood are proud to announce our achievement of the ISO 27001 certificate! 

The ISO 27001 means that we as a company invest in our people, process and technology. Colewood has been independently assessed and has committed to ensuring our processes as a company protect our clients data at all times by carrying out regular reviews in line with the standard ISO 27001 regulations.

What is the ISO 27001 certificate?

The ISO 27001 is the international standard that provides all vital specifications for businesses to follow in order to implement an information security management system. This is also known as the ISMS.

In achieving this, Colewood has proven that after being independently assessed by a certification body, that we have committed to reviewing our security systems regularly in order to keep all clients’ data fully protected. 

How Colewood achieved the certificate

In order to achieve the ISO 27001 certificate, a CB auditor needed to review all our documentation and to check whether our ISMS system is in line with the standard requirements. We as a business needed to ensure we were putting forward all vital evidence to back up our claims that we are following the standard protocol in line with the certificate requirements.

After passing the first stage of the process, the auditor then carried out a more indepth review of activities that support the ISMS. This includes reviews of the company’s policies and procedures and how the ISMS works with an on-site investigation. 

What this means for Colewood

In achieving our ISO 27001 certificate, it means Colewood has continued to be passionate about our clients’ data protection. We are always striving to live up to our values and goals as a business, by doing the right thing for our clients and staff. Having this certificate and continuation of a regular review on our clients data protection means that any client that comes on board to work with us, can be confident that all important information and data is kept protected at the highest level possible at all times. Holding the certificate does not only mean we are held accountable for continuing to do everything in our power to protect clients data, but it also keeps us up to speed and up to date with the ever changing data handling policies.

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