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How To Leverage The Social Media Trends of 2022

Social media is ever-evolving. We see new platforms, new ways of producing content, new ways of posting and platforms that were once huge suddenly disappear. However, all the while, we all try to keep up with the most up to date knowledge and trends to capitalise on.

Gone are the days of posting a simple status update, now it’s adding images, videos, selling products, growing a community and anything else that might come up in the next few years. It’s a lot to try and keep on top of, but that’s what we’re here for. We’re going to take you through some of the social media trends for 2022 and how you can best leverage them for your business. So, let’s dive in.

1. Creator Economy

This is something that’s going to continue to grow and get even bigger. Right now, the creator economy is worth over $100 billion. Platforms have started to heavily invest in creator marketplaces and tools, including TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, which make it easier for creators to connect with their audience and collaborate with brands. Some people think this community and economy is over-saturated, but that’s definitely not the case. Once you’ve found your niche, make sure you stick to it, the growth could be huge.

2. Social Commerce

Social commerce is essentially a fully social version of e-commerce. Everything from product discovery, click to purchase and post-purchase support, it all happens on social media. You’ll have seen the changes yourself in the introduction of Facebook and Instagram Shops, Pinterest introducing a Shop tab and even TikTok are testing out a Shopping platform in partnership with Shopify. The sooner you’re able to jump onto the social commerce train, the more you’ll benefit, rather than trying to play catch up as this continues to grow.

3. Memes

We’re all fans of a good meme, right? It’s predicted that both video and image memes are going to become even bigger this year. Niche meme accounts have started to pop up, from astrology specific memes to social media manager memes, there’s a niche account for everyone. These memes don’t need to look fancy or professionally made, they just need to be relevant to your business, your audience and allow you to join trending conversations. Give it a try yourself. Find a relevant meme, put your own business spin on it and make any changes you need in Canva – it’s all free.

4. No Filter

No, we don’t mean any verbal filter. We mean no filtered images. This goes hand in hand with a rise in authenticity on social media. By uploading images that aren’t filtered or heavily edited, it provides more “in the moment” content for your audience to see and engage with. Spend less time editing and creating a perfect looking picture and more time creating deeper relationships with your followers and audience.

5. Showing Your Human Side

This isn’t necessarily a “new” trend for 2022, it’s one that has been around for a long time, but it’s one that you should never forget about. People care more about the people than the products or services you’re offering when it comes to social media. They want to see the people behind the scenes, they want to feel like they know you and your staff. Following that, getting them to buy into your product or service should be easy. Use social media to show your brand and your employees personality to build more trust with your audience and followers.

And there you have it, 5 social media trends for 2022 that you can leverage. Don’t worry so much about doing everything on this list immediately, pick the one that is easiest and attainable for you and your business and work on the rest from there. Social media will always be changing and evolving, so it’s important to try and keep up to date with these trends as much as possible to get the best results from your social media.

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