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Graduate Scheme – Q1 Round up- Email

As you may recall, Colewood launched a new graduate scheme back in November. Three months later, I have already reached the end of quarter one as the first employee on the new scheme! With four teams to get around, my first stop has been email marketing.

Previous to joining the team I studied for a Marketing degree and found that the sole focus throughout my studies was upon social media, and the various career paths marketing can offer were not really explored. Therefore, when I first joined the email team, imposter syndrome kicked in, however, I have never been left feeling out of my depth and in just three months my knowledge has developed immensely. 

During the first couple of weeks, I spent time being introduced to the service, shadowing experts who hold many years of experience in this field and learning about email marketing in general. Having a good understanding of the service, I then studied for and achieved three Mailchimp certifications, along with Google Analytics and Google Digital Garage certifications which helped provide me with a fundamental knowledge of email. 

I have gained an understanding in all aspects of email, shadowed the expert designers, and learned the importance of various factors that enhance the success of email campaigns, such as image sizing, content writing, subject lines, and design. I have enjoyed exploring the different software used to create graphics and build emails, as well as the platforms that are utilised to send these emails to subscribers. 

As a result of the Mailchimp certifications, I gained an understanding of how emails are built and the many ways these can be sent out, including automation sequences and building customer journeys. Additionally, Google analytics training helped me to understand the reporting and strategy side of email, how to measure the success of campaigns, and how to use the reports to guarantee the success of future campaigns. 

The last three months have enabled me to gain knowledge from expert-led webinars provided by Mailchimp and Litmus while completing industry-recognised certifications. In just three months the knowledge and training I gained from the email marketing team have allowed me to get stuck into content and blog writing, creative design, email strategy planning, and email creation.

I strongly believe that Colewood’s graduate scheme is the perfect opportunity for those leaving university who are still a little unsure about the route they would like to take in their marketing career. In just three months I have developed knowledge in an area completely new to me and my perspective on email marketing has totally changed! Next stop, SEO!

If you want to find out more about our Graduate Scheme at Colewood, have a look at our previous blog post or alternatively, please send your CV to helen.stewart@colewood.net

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