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Google May 2020 Core Update

On the 4th May Google announced that it will begin rolling out a core update to the Google Search algorithm. The update will take a couple of weeks for everyone to see the effects, here’s what you need to know about the update.

What is the purpose of this update?

Like all core updates, this May 2020 update follows the same pattern as previous core updates. The focus of the update relates to Google delivering the best results on search queries and is mostly content focussed.

This update does not set out to punish websites, only to promote those with better content for users. Remember you are competing against other websites with similar content so in order to rank higher you should prioritise delivering the best content possible.

What if my rankings drop?

If your rankings drop for certain keywords we recommend reviewing which keywords have dropped and scrutinise the intent of those keywords. A drop would suggest another website has content that is more suited to the information a user is looking for, try improving your content using the E-A-T (Expertise Authority Trust) standard to fully answer the search query and improve your rankings.

Even if you do not see a drop in your rankings we recommend reviewing the content of your website to ensure it is up to date, accurate and helpful to users. Giving users the right amount of information at the right time will show your expertise and should help improve rankings.

What about future Google updates?

This is the second core update of 2020, the first coming in January – read more about the January 2020 update here. These updates usually come once a quarter to refresh the core Google algorithm.

To make the most of these Google updates and benefit from them, contact the SEO team at Colewood.