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Affinity Audiences In Google Shopping

Google has begun introducing affinity audiences into Google Ads shopping campaigns to target groups of people with specific interests, hobbies and passions.

For the uninitiated, affinity audiences allow businesses to be able to show their ads by targeting people with a specific interest, hobby or passion, which is relevant to what the business offers. They have been a feature for both display and video campaigns, allowing businesses to show their creatives to a like-minded demographic. These were then further added to search in the later part of 2019. Now, Google is starting to roll out the option to add affinity audiences to businesses with shopping campaigns.

This new addition Google is starting to implement will be beneficial to e-commerce businesses as affinity audiences bring a new dimension of targeting to shopping campaigns to get products in front of the right people. 

By adding this new feature, e-commerce businesses can show products to users with similar interests to what they sell and will, therefore, have more of a desire to purchase the products than others. Likewise, affinity audiences in shopping campaigns will also allow businesses to have another element of controlling how the traffic is distributed throughout the campaign; bids can be increased on the targeted audiences that are most relevant bringing more users from that demographic to the products that the retailer is selling.

For example, if an automotive business is selling car parts online and utilising Google Ads shopping campaigns, then a bid modification can be used on the interest of ‘Car Enthusiasts’ to increase impression share (and hopefully conversions) with the most aligned audience.

All in all, this feature being added to shopping campaigns will allow e-commerce businesses to become more successful on Google Ads. This is as they ensure products are shown to users who will be interested in what they have to offer, thus providing a new dimension to increase campaign performance for shopping. 

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