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Digital City 2022 – Here we come!

Expo season this year is starting with a bang at Colewood Digital.  Working in sales, there is always an air of excitement and optimism around getting out into the world – unchaining yourself from the PC or laptop and being allowed out among the public.

This year, even more so….

Face to face, public, expo, human contact; even 6 months ago, these seemed like terms from another time.  Sales staff talking in hushed tones of ‘remember when you could…’ and ‘I miss being able to…’

Finally, things have returned to normal, people can stand in the same room again without having to worry about facemasks and sanitisers and what a fantastic feeling it is to be able to do this again at Digital City 2022 in Manchester.

This is by no means an insignificant change – the ability to be able to talk to people face to face is so much more productive than speaking to people on the phone.  At least the evolution of Zoom, Microsoft Teams et al during lockdown restrictions have helped to bridge the gap.

We have exhibited here twice before – in 2019, at Event City and, in 2020, at Manchester Central, and what a venue it is to return to!  The last time we were here, it was 10 days before entering lockdown – countless people joking about having to sanitise and having to elbow bump instead of shaking hands – what a 24 months it has been!

Strange as well to think that, at 120 miles away, this is still the most local event to ourselves and a fantastic opportunity to market ourselves to other local businesses – an opportunity to be grasped with both hands!

This is not an ordinary marketing expo, however – it is one part of a week-long event happening across Manchester; a chance for local businesses to really show exactly what this northern hub has to offer for both national and international businesses.

The closing event in this busy week is the Digital City Awards ceremony at the Etihad Stadium.  I am extremely proud and excited this year as Colewood Digital has been shortlisted for the Best Medium Digital Company award – a huge achievement!

An ideal way to end a busy week – celebrating with colleagues and peers and, fingers crossed, bring home some silverware.

We will be exhibiting on Stand 270 at the Manchester Central Convention Complex from 9th-10th March as part of the Digital City Festival – why not pop in for a chat?

If you can’t come to see us next week, get in touch with our team at Colewood to see what we offer, and what we can do for you and your business.

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