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Exploring Google’s Trending PPC Campaign Types

Google has recently released new PPC campaign types to help businesses achieve their goals through Google Ads. One of the most promising new campaign types is Performance Max. The case studies that have been released following Google’s trials instil confidence that could work well for many businesses. Discovery campaigns are also showing promising results yet these were initially released in 2019 and are increasingly becoming more popular. 

Performance Max

Performance Max is a goal-based campaign that allows us to access additional ad inventory throughout YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps. This campaign type helps advertisers to drive performance based on their specified goals upon setup. Google has been testing this over the last 5 to 6 months and believes they will still be making changes over the next few months to ensure the campaign performs the best that it can. This is because the campaign optimises performance in real-time and across channels through the use of Smart Bidding. 

The most recent case studies of Google trialling the new Performance Max compared to Smart Shopping show promising results. Due to this, Google is planning to automatically replace all Smart Shopping by Sept 2022. 

Google does not recommend trialling Performance Max whilst running another campaign side by side. This is because they are likely to compete and may affect the performance of the campaign. 

What are the top 3 benefits of using Performance Max over other campaign types?

  1. Performance Max allows you to unlock new audiences across Google’s channels and networks.
  2. It simplifies campaign management and easily optimizes the ads based on real-time data.
  3. It can drive better performance against the goals that an advertiser sets. 

Should you use Performance Max?

Google have stated that it is best to set up if you already have previous conversion data within the account, a minimum of 50 conversions is recommended but not a necessity. 

You should use Performance Max if you have a specific goal for your campaign, want to maximise the performance of the campaign and if you want to easily access all of Google’s channels using one single campaign. 

Discovery Campaigns

Discovery campaigns were initially released in 2019, however, Google are constantly making improvements to enhance performance. Discovery campaigns help to build brand awareness by allowing advertisers to reach up to 3 billion potential customers across Google with their goals in focus. This campaign type helps advertisers to deliver visual, engaging and personalised ads to users actively searching, discovering or engaging with their brand. 

What are the top 3 benefits of using Discovery campaigns over other campaign types?

  1. Reach users throughout Google’s properties with one single ad campaign. The ads on this campaign type can be located on YouTube Home, Watch Next feeds, Discover and the Gmail tabs.
  2. You can drive stronger engagement with more relevant and high-quality ads. 
  3. Variety of automated bidding options to meet advertisers’ goals. 

Should you use Discovery campaigns?

Discovery campaigns could be good for you if you want to attract new customers or if you want to reconnect with previous customers. You are able to promote strong ads towards certain audiences based on your goals. In addition, it could be good if you want to advertise to users across multiple Google properties. 

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