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The 20th Greatest Blog Posts of Colewood!

With September being a milestone month of Colewood’s, a trip down memory lane is in need of. As part of 20 years of Colewood, this month we are dedicating our blog to this anniversary! 

So here we go, here are Colewood’s 20 greatest blog posts…

#1 Broad Match Modifier – Explained

If you are new to AdWords or simply looking for ways to improve the performance of your campaigns, fully understanding the broad match modifier is important. Read here to find out more about the broad match modifier. 

#2 Awareness, Research, Education, Transaction.

Understanding the different stages of your customer journey & buying cycle is imperative to facilitating and more importantly nurturing your customers through their journey.

#3 Are your landing pages cute?

At Colewood we find that poor landing page performance is due to a failure in effectively engaging and informing visitors as to who they are, what they offer and failure in outlining a clear route to taking a desired action. Read our Four steps to fluffy enlightenment, here.

#4 Content Synthesis 101: 5 Tips for Creating Captivating Content

If there’s one aspect of digital marketing that is important to get right, content is often one of the first things that spring to mind. Without good content, what do we really have? It is the solid foundation upon which everything else within our marketing strategies is built, especially when it comes to search engine optimisation.

#5 Why You Should Take Advantage of Directory Listings

Before you ask, nope, we’re not talking about cracking open a sky-high hard copy of the Yellow Pages. We’re talking about online directory listings and why you should take advantage of them. Read here to find out more. 

#6 Why SEO is important for small businesses

SEO is definitely a large factor to take into consideration for newer or smaller businesses beginning to establish an online presence. Your website may already look nice, read well, and get a decent amount of traffic as is – but there’s always room for improvement. There are a lot of things to take into account that go on behind closed doors, and that’s where SEO comes in.

#7 June 2019 Google Update 

Google announced that the 3rd of June 2019 would see a broad update to their core search algorithm. This change isn’t targeted at a particular sector or type of website, making it broad and likely affecting much of the web.

#8 How to Boost your Business Social Media Presence

Our handy guide will take you through the steps you can take to improve your business’s presence on social media and why this is so important

#9 5 Reasons why blogging is great for SEO

If you’re not already blogging for your business, why not? When you have a website, blogging is an essential part of it that helps to boost ranking factors, audience engagement, and brand awareness. Just look at us!

#10 Googles August Algorithm Update and What it Means For You

When Google introduces new Algorithm Updates it is important to find out what it means for you. Take a look back to August 2018’s update to see how this may have had an impact. 

#11 How to Get Found Online a Small Fish in a Big Pound

This blog post outlines a few different ways in which your company website – a “fish” – can be better found online.

#12 20 Tips to Increase Your Websites Conversion Rate

In the world of e-commerce, who doesn’t want to increase their conversion rate? So, here’s a list of 20 ways you can look to improve your website to better aid those precious conversions.

#13 The benefits of an Effective PPC Campaign

Have you ever thought of massively increasing the traffic to your website through Pay Per Click Advertising? If not, you may want to consider it. Keep reading, we bet we can set your heart on fire…

#14 How Imagery Affects Your Company Branding

First impressions are everything. But before we delve into company branding, we need to look at ourselves… read here to find out more. 

#15 Key Takeaways of SearchLeeds 2018

This blog post looks back at the key takeaways from the many industry experts who graced the stage at the First Direct Arena for SearchLeeds 2018.

#16 Increase Your Online Visibility with PPC

If you are not utilising PPC for your website, then you are literally throwing away your potential profits! Find out how to increase your online visibility with PPC. 

#17 There’s Change in the Air as Google Rebrands its Ad Products

First things first though, what’s changed, and do you need to do anything? Take a look back at the changes that were made when Google rebranded Google Adwords. 

#18 The History of the Ampersand

We see it every day, yet some will not know its origin or the fact that it has a name. I’m talking of course about this little guy… &.

#19 Why Technical SEO is Important

As well as design and content, there’s one very specific element that can’t be forgotten about. And that’s technical SEO.

#20 The Importance of Colours 

Whether you’re creating a brand or designing a website, using the right colours is the key to having a professional, convincing, appealing and quality brand identity, that is consistent across all channels. It defines your brand, helping you to stand out in this crowded market.

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