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June Instagram Updates

Instagram is constantly updating the platform, either changing the layout or the way the site shows advertisements. And the latest update is no different. Recently changing the layout, Instagram will also include horizontal videos to IGTV, branded content ads and explore tab ads. 


The most visible and noticeable update from Instagram will be their new layout, trying to bring a sleeker design to the platform and offer easy access to unfollow and contact accounts. The idea is to make a profile look cleaner, more organised and neater. In addition, the edit profile button has been moved above the highlights taskbar. Now next to the option to edit the profile, Instagram is offering the option for business accounts to promote their own social posts through ads on Instagram. This is to make it easier for businesses to promote their accounts and services. Finally, a contact button is placed at the end. Whereas, for the viewer, you will see the Follow (unfollow if you are already following them) and Message buttons above the highlight taskbar.  

Horizontal videos to IGTV

Another change to the platform is that IGTV will now start to show videos both horizontally and vertically. Users can now watch an IGTV video in landscape or portrait mode, this will happen when users turn their phone. This feature will not only look better but will be beneficial for creators and businesses who want to use the same video across all platforms. 

Branded Content Ads

Businesses who establish a partnership with creators (influencers) accounts are now able to run campaigns to help them reach new audiences in new ways. By releasing branded content ads, brand creators can now use their business partners to promote their organic posts as part of an ad campaign. Brands will then see the posts in Ads Manager under the Existing post opinion. This will be shown on the account of the creator, and a “paid partnership with (Brand)”. 

Explore tab ads

Explore tab ads will be introduced slowly over the next few coming months. Once clicking on a video or photo, account users may see ads in their main feed. This is so that there is an opportunity for advertisers to be a part of what is culturally relevant and trendy whilst reaching new audiences. The new feature also allows advertisers to extend their on-platform ad campaigns.