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Digital Marketing Tips That Will Push You Ahead of Your Competitors

In today’s digital world, it is all about the competition with many businesses. You want your online presence to always be a step ahead of your competitors. It is all about connecting with your customers virtually and increasing both traffic and sales through organic and paid marketing. This blog post will cover all the most popular tips and tricks used in the SEO digital marketing world to get you that one step ahead of the competition as well as identifying common mistakes that are made by businesses large and small.

Don’t try to do everything at once

This is a common mistake made by many businesses when they are just starting out with digital. Owners tend to try and do everything all at once as quickly as possible, dropping their eggs in too many baskets. Setting up every social media platform available, PPC campaigns and busy blogging schedules will very quickly result in multiple mistakes made purely for how busy you will be. Especially if you are setting up platforms that you are not familiar with or have never used before. In this case, for new owners, less is more. When you’re getting started out, you should focus on your primary goals. If you are an experienced business owner, you can then branch out as you grow, and have time to focus on developing new platforms to help your sales, traffic and awareness grow.

Make sure you are combining SEO and content marketing

SEO used to be all about coding. However as technology and Google’s algorithm has developed and changed over the years, competition has continued to get tougher with many businesses taking advantage of content marketing and focusing on engagement through this great written on page content. In order to step ahead of the competition, you need to ensure you are publishing better and more content. Although you do not want to overload or overwhelm your clientele with constant content changes and updates, publishing content in the form of blog posts can be posted at least once a week. This is critical for ROI which can drop drastically if you start to publish less frequently. Just keep in mind that it is never just about quantity or just about quality, but a good balanced mix of the two. You want to ensure your content is original, valuable, and appropriate. 

Utilise influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is relatively new to the digital marketing world, so there are still many businesses that don’t use it to their advantage, therefore putting you ahead of them immediately. Influencer marketing can be very beneficial due to the fact it can help your business grow its reach, awareness, traffic and therefore sales to audiences you might not be able to reach without it. 

Once you have identified your target audience, you can look to social media for popular influencers that you can partner with and pay to promote your product or service. Influencers are influential people with a huge following both on blog websites and social media. Therefore with them promoting your service or product to their followers, you are much more likely to gain more traffic and followers for your own social media, increasing your pool of potential customers and getting your brand name further out there into the world. 

So there we have a few pointers of how to get ahead of the game with your SEO digital marketing. Whether you are a new business or looking to grow your online presence, drop our team at Colewood a message.