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Case Study: A Successful Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday is by far the biggest and most important day of the year for our e-commerce clients. One of whom is Jasmine Silk.

Jasmine Silk is one of our longest-serving clients here at Colewood, who came on board way back in 2013 selling their high-quality silk products.

There have been hundreds of campaigns and great profits made during their time with us, but the biggest aspect of the year is the notorious Black Friday campaign. Let’s have a look at some stats from the last couple of years to see just how profitable Email Marketing and PPC can be to the right businesses during this period.

Email Marketing

Due to Black Friday’s popularity with both online and offline retailers, it’s a huge opportunity to capitalise on your existing customer base and boost your revenue.

Whilst this is amazing, it can cause huge issues with site crashes, email marketing, and servers if your strategy isn’t properly prepared. This means a pivot strategy from your usual email marketing strategy is needed to ensure that your emails are reaching the right people at the right time, which is exactly what we did.

How did we do it?

Rather than sending the same email out to 50,000 people, instead, we spread out our email marketing campaigns to target different people at different times throughout the week with around 2-3 emails per week promoting their Black Friday campaign products.

We also added different targeted products to each email, starting with the most popular products and slowly going through the top sellers and factoring in re-sends to any unopened emails in between.

So what were the results?

The Black Friday Campaign Figures

Black Friday 2020 vs The Previous Week
  • Transactions – Increased by 11,071.43%
  • Revenue – Increased by 12,065.17%
Black Friday 2020 vs 2019

  • Transactions – Increased by 68.90%
  • Revenue – Increased by 71.98%

But how did our PPC campaigns perform during the same period? Let’s take a look…

Pay Per Click concept – flat vector illustration. Graph, laptop, arrow and profit. PPC advertising and conversion.

PPC Campaign

Capitalising on traffic with PPC can be a huge asset to your revenue for the week leading up to Black Friday. The first step to ensuring success with your PPC campaigns is to make sure you understand your customer’s search behaviour around this time of year – when do searches peak and drop off, and how far in advance are people searching for these deals?

Search terms surrounding ‘Black Friday’ start to ramp up around 2 weeks prior to the day itself, however search volumes can start as early as October. However, starting your PPC campaigns too far in advance can end up on a negative ROI, so getting your research and timing right is key.

How did we do it?

We focused on readjusting our bidding strategies, budgets and CPCs according to customer behaviours to capitalise on their searches and drive traffic to the site.

We also regularly reviewed our keyword targeting strategy to include key search terms surrounding Black Friday and Christmas sales. Ensuring our product feed was regularly reviewed was another key component, however, much like any key PPC campaign – the timing is arguably the most crucial part of the strategy.

So what were the results?

The Black Friday Campaign Figures

Black Friday Week vs Previous Week

  • Website Sessions – 13,365 vs 11,368 (increased by 17.57%)
  • Spend – Increased by 12.12%
  • Transactions – 1,126 vs 590 (increased by 90.85%)
  • Revenue – £63,752.24 vs £27,943.61 (increased by 128.15%)
  • Conversion Rate – 8.42% vs 5.19% (increased by 62.33%)
  • Return On Ad Spend – increased by 103.48%

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