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Why Amazon Prime Day is Not Just for Prime

What Is Prime Day?

Prime Day(s) is a promotional event run on the Amazon platform where advertisers can run promotions on their product range to get more sales. For the end-user or customer Amazon Prime Day is a day to grab a great deal on products they are interested in purchasing.

How Does This Affect My Website Sales?

Historically we have seen a decline in transactions and sales on other websites when Amazon Prime Days are running. Although users are searching online they are specifically looking on the Amazon platform and Google search engines for a discount on the products they wish to buy. Meaning product cost can still remain constant although sales volume drops.

What Can I Expect If I Run A Promotion On My Website?

Often, when advertisers run a promotion on their website the same day as Prime Day we actually see a reversal of the decline in sales and see uplifts and increases. Some advertisers saw as high as 50% increases in sales compared to their daily average while others saw a smaller increase of 20%.

What Should I Do On Prime Day?

Set up your promotion early and share this with your agency to implement merchant promotions and promotional ads to run on these specific dates. This will maximise the visibility of the promotion you are offering. We also recommend increasing your budget on this date to ensure you are giving the campaign enough budget to serve throughout the day.

What Works Best For Prime?

We found that offering a monetary value or a percentage-based discount has had the best response. Users are expecting a discount on the product so are more likely to buy if they see a percentage off the full price. Discount codes are also a great way to entice customers. Electrical items, tools and much more have seen great results from Prime Day. 
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