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Top 4 Tools To Create Content That Converts

Spending an exhaustive amount of time looking for ways to curate content can be strenuous and quite costly if you’re unsure on what you’re meant to be looking for. Having the right skills to develop and polish content is imperative. 

Develop content and churning it into a worldwide phenomenon is a fine art, one that many brands hold close to their hearts. Take Coke for example. The “Share a Coke” campaign took hundreds of names and added them to Coke bottles, to which then spread out all over the world to over 80 countries and sold millions alone in its first year. Targeting names to push out content makes it quite personal, thus paying close attention to your audience should continuously be your mission.

Source: BrandingMag

Yielding great content starts with the way in which you type the first word. It may be a familiar feeling for some of having absolutely no clue where to begin, which especially rings true if you’re creating content multiple times within the week.

There are a plethora of tools out in the world that can be used to prune out the correct content for you, however, this can be somewhat tricky as you must find one that fits all your needs. Here are some of the top tools that we believe can help tune in with the niche that you’re focusing on.

Portent Idea Generator

Suffering major writer’s block? The Portent Idea Generator is here to the rescue! If you’re struggling with any topic whatsoever, this handy tool helps to create blog titles to switch up your writing strategy. Simply search a word and it’ll show up with a simple yet effective title that will help you hit the ground running. You can also keep clicking on the generate button and it will continuously change up the titles.


Want a simple and easy content research process to cut cost and time? BuzzSumo may just be the one for you. If you’re looking to establish what sort of content your niche of audience is interested in, simply switch up the filters and uncover an array of platform insights. Pulling in popular posts and ideas based on keywords from across the world, BuzzSumo allows you to look through social engagement and understand what is trending so you can tailor your content to that. 


Ever wanted to feel like a spykid? It’s time you can do just that. You can now listen in when people are conversing about a certain topic with Awario. Awario is an excellent tool to have at your disposal for just that. With Awario, you are able to spot any content that you may be missing from your own strategy and apply it when you want to. You can take advantage of important discussions and use it to spread the word about your own content to reach a wider sphere of audience online. The opportunities are endless. This tool simply requires you to sign up and monitor mentions and topics from all around the world on all social media platforms as well as the wider internet. 


It can be useful using online tools to figure out what your audience likes and dislikes, however, sometimes the best source of attention-grabbing attention can be found by delving into the community itself.

Question and answer websites such as Quora offer a great way to keep in touch directly with what the target audience is looking for. All you really need to do is make use of the built-in search feature and an array of suggestions will then pop up to give you that helping hand with your content idea.

Within the modern landscape, content marketers are pushed for time and ideas when it comes to churning out ideas to get their audience engaged. But it doesn’t have to be so challenging, there are so many tools out there to aid you in the process. After all, the content is the lifeline of your marketing strategy, so pruning your secret sauce will get your brand established online. 

If however you find difficulty in your marketing strategy, or simply don’t have time to make use of such tools, we can help. Contact the Colewood team for further information and advice for your digital marketing strategy now.