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The Importance of Instagram for Business

With over 1 billion Instagram accounts worldwide and with users spending 53 minutes a day on average on the platform, Instagram is the perfect place to build and expand a business. Instagram has the highest engagement rate of 2-7% out of all social media platforms, and as such, it allows a stronger consumer relationship to be built.

Why is Instagram important for my business?

Instagram gives the opportunity to not only strengthen a brand’s marketing strategy but to build brand awareness, gain a larger target market and offer an overview of analysis for their page. With 81% of marketers agreeing that engagement is the most important metric of social media success it is the perfect platform to gain a greater awareness of the brand. An Instagram presence will lead to a following as 200 million accounts use Instagram every day and 80% of accounts follow businesses. The platform is being used by both businesses and people alike, to share photos and videos of their stories.

Businesses use Instagram for so much more than just trying to sell extra products/services, it is used to make audiences across the world aware of the brand, to market to greater numbers at reduced costs and ensure businesses are able to gain an insight into their statistics. Instagram should be a must if the business’ demographic is between 18-29, as 64% of this market use the platform and it is continuing to increase.

What are the benefits of using Instagram?

One of the many benefits of using Instagram for a business is that the platform has access to one billion accounts. Through utilising hashtags, locations and mentioning, businesses can be found from across the world. Businesses can engage and connect with their customers in new ways, strengthening the consumer relationship and generating greater recognition.

The app has allowed small start-ups with limited finances to become global companies by just marketing in effective and efficient ways, by following and engaging with the right audiences and by producing the correct messages. As well as enabling a brand’s personality to shine through and reach its audience greater than ever before.

Instagram stories have now more than 500 million daily active users and are the perfect way for a brand to send out short messages to its audience. With a third of the most viewed stories posted by businesses, there is a large opportunity for audiences to engage with a brand’s content. Stories are a useful tool in improving the engagement of accounts, and with the added tool of highlighting stories, the experience for the viewer has become so much improved than 68% of millennials prefer Instagram stories to Snapchat.

What makes Instagram different from other social media platforms?

The USP of Instagram is that image is everything, and it’s a chance for a business to demonstrate their brand image which other platforms can’t do as well. Instagram offers ‘fun’ elements that other platforms of social media lack. Through Instagram stories and posts, businesses can now ensure that their personality and traits can be at the front of their profile.

Instagram has become so crucial to businesses that it isn’t just a small platform to market on. But now, if you aren’t utilising Instagram correctly, you could be missing out on hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers.