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Social media Marketing Tips to prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is the busiest, most popular shopping day of the year right across the world. With nearly every business offering discounts on their products and services, it is understandable that time and money is spent into organising both their website and social media account campaigns to prepare for the Black Friday madness. Below, we are going to list our top tips you can follow in order to get the most out of your social media marketing this November. 

Prepare your social media accounts

Preparation is key when it comes to Black Friday. In the past, it has been known that Facebook has seen the biggest referrals to ecommerce sites. However, Instagram and Pinterest are known for being the most contextually relevant and have seen a huge increase in influencing viewers to buy. 

It is important that you prioritise your channels that will ensure the biggest sales for your company, thinking about the type of industry you are in, the audience you are looking to target, the performance your brand has on each one and the type of products you are selling. All of these key points will lead to the most effective social media platform for your business to increase your sales and traffic during Black Friday. 

Create excitement around your Black Friday offers

Advertising your Black Friday offers early will create awareness and visibility for your brand, as well as creating a buzz around what deals will be available. Using hashtags such as #BlackFriday or #BlackFridayDeals will increase the reach and visibility of your posts to a wider audience across the platform. Posting sneak peeks of your products or deals and posting countdowns, will create the excitement and anticipation you need in order to keep your audience engaged during the run up to Black Friday. Adding a sense of urgency to your deals also never hurt, such as ‘limited stock’ or ‘limited time’. This will encourage people to purchase as quickly and as much as possible in the short amount of time these deals are on offer for. 

Plan and schedule content in advance

This one is an obvious one. But scheduling and designing your social media posts last minute are the last things you want to be doing in the hectic run up to your Black Friday launch. 

Organising your content and ads in advance will ensure the content you are posting is consistent, creative and effective no matter how busy you get. Using SEMrush or Creator Studio will ensure your content is organised in one place and ready to go, no matter the social platform you have chosen. Sharing content that is perfect for your brand, for example if it is a beauty or clothing business, posting ideal gift guides on instagram and ideas in the run up to Black Friday will ensure your audience has an idea of what to expect and what they wish to purchase in advance of the busy weekend.

Make social media the gift that keeps on giving

Driving awareness to your brand before the big day is crucial. Consider running a competition or a few over the course of the weeks beforehand. As your audience likes, comments and shares to enter, your brands name is being spread far and wide across the social media platform. Increasing visibility will ensure more traffic to your site. 

Offering giveaways and encouraging email sign ups is the perfect tactic throughout the christmas period. Christmas is obviously the biggest gift buying season of the year so make sure you are taking advantage of this and of the influx of new and returning customers to your platform and website. 

For more information, tips and tricks, download the Essential Guide to Black Friday 2020 to get full access to the hands-on advice that will keep you on top this Black Friday.