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September’s Social Updates

September welcomed a number of updates across all social media platforms. Some were welcomed more than others, some were complained about and some were forgotten immediately. 


This month, Facebook started to roll out new types of interactive mobile ads, including AR ads and Video Poll ads -as content that used more GIFs, reactions and emojis inspired more interaction. With Facebook expanding these AR ads to more advertisers, there will be an open beta for AR ads this autumn across the globe.


After a successful trial earlier this year, Twitter in the US has rolled out a new feature which hides replies. Most content that is currently hidden contains abuse or irrelevant material, so Twitter aims to give more control to its users when they make conversation.


Did you notice the introduction of Snapchats 3D effects for selfies? The new feature adds more depth to photos and can change the appearance of a photo depending on how you hold your phone. Fun!


Linkedin welcomed a new way for users to verify skills! Now, users are able to demonstrate their skills and expertise by adding a verified skill badge. Research found that 76% of professionals wanted employees to have the ability to show evidence of their skills. But how does it work? After users successfully complete their assessment, they receive a badge to display on their profile.


Gone are the days of third-party publishing tools! Instagram posts can be scheduled to post through Facebook Creator Studio. Now, business accounts can schedule Instagram posts and IGTV videos up to 6 months in the future. This is a huge advantage, as no third-party tool has been able to do this.


Youtube introduced the removal of over 17,000 channels and 100,000 videos. This removed harmful content, with Youtube’s new learning technology theoretically detecting harmful content before it is viewed by the user. In addition, there was a dramatic increase of removed videos due to YouTube’s new hate speech policy.

Youtube also came under fire in September when they introduced new criteria for a channel to become verified. They started removing existing verification badges from channels that didn’t meet the criteria. However, due to the heavy criticism they faced, this policy was backtracked 24 hours after it was implemented.


Pinterest is making it easier for users to buy products they have taken photos of! Lens will allow users to search for items using these photos. This comes from recent statistics showing that 80% of users start with a visual search when shopping.

The platform also upgraded its search functionality tool by updating their design, making it easier for users to take and upload images. Pinterest also started to enhance group boards with new collaboration tools! These new tools include; reactions for feedback, the ability to sort pins and a hub to communicate with members of a group.

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