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Prepare Your Google Ads Campaigns for this Year’s Reimagined Peak

“Back in 2020” is going to be a phrase we all remember. The year which transformed us all as people. We have been pushed into the common term ‘the new norm’ within weeks. Who knew it was going to last this long? It’s completely unpredictable and we all know it. With a pandemic none of us have faced before, we have managed to shift our work life, change our business plans and even adjust the way we communicate. We all deserve a medal. However, enough about ourselves, we need to discuss the serious topic of this year’s peak season. How do we prepare paid search campaigns for the most digital-centric peak season yet?

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are from a household name or a local business, there is a plan moving forward for everyone, no matter what challenges we may face. Keep reading for some top tips on how you can prepare your paid search strategy for the digital-centric peak season.

So, let’s ask ourselves, what happens next? How are we going to plan ahead when times are so unpredictable? Is this the perfect opportunity to take a risk? What are our customers’ needs over the next couple of months? Are my Google Ads campaigns a waste of money right now?

Embrace Change

Well, let’s start with Agility. It is important that we take the time to anticipate what is going on and move fast to respond to the changes which are happening around us. Dive into real-time insights and get a grasp on what is trending today. We have been introduced to a whole new range of category trends over the last few months, e.g. DIY hair care and work from home. These are all things which we would never consider before. This is the perfect opportunity to widen your search. Make sure you carry out that keyword research to identify areas which you may be missing out on. Whether it be broadening current campaigns or setting up new campaigns, this is a fantastic opportunity to increase traffic to your website and work towards driving those conversions.

But we ask ourselves, well how can we capture this demand? Have you ever considered using smart bidding strategies? You may ask yourself whether this is a risk. However, maybe the risk is not taking any action. These bidding strategies use machine learning to optimise for conversions or conversion value in every auction. It even takes the pressure from yourself; it prevents the guesswork and questions like, is this bid high enough to outbid competitors? They are designed to help you reach your set goals.

Quality over Quantity

However, remember that Google Ads campaign success is not all about bidding strategies. Remember the importance of quality scores. This plays a large role in the Google Ad auction. The better the quality score, the lower your cost per conversion. So, what tweaks can we make to improve our quality score? Make sure that your landing pages are optimised. Ensure landing pages are easy to navigate and full of relevant content about the specific keywords you are using to land traffic on that page. Next is speed, no-one likes a slow web page. Improving page speed can massively contribute to improving your quality score. Maybe it’s time to call those developers?

So, if we are reaching the right audience through today’s trends, maximising our exposure through automated bidding strategies and improving our quality scores for our paid search campaigns, what more can we do? It’s not always just about the perfect Google Ads campaign. Let’s take this opportunity to build your brand. Machines are great for exposure, but not for building a relationship with customers. The physical relationship between you and your customer could be the make or break.

A good customer relationship can lead to a long-lasting customer relationship. We need to plan how we can take the physical experience and transform it into a digital experience. Let us help you make these experiences lively and bring some joy and optimism into the customer journey, contact us at Colewood now.