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Improve Your Marketing Tactics By Refining Your Content

COVID-19 and its detrimental impact continue to span across the globe, with interconnectedness wriggling in the lap of online marketing. Many brands are currently going through a phase where consumers aren’t interested and unfortunately, the pandemic playbook is yet to be established and well defined.

According to the World Federation of Advertisers, 89% of brands are cutting down on marketing campaigns. Alongside this, digital spend has fallen by almost 17%. This suggests that we’re living in an unpredictable world for marketing, to which marketers should not be sitting idle waiting for it to pass. 

There are a plethora of opportunities that lie within adversity, and now is the time to take advantage of marketing initiatives. Competitors may not be gung-ho about paying attention to marketing during this time. It’s vital that you pay attention to your content as it will allow you to be ready to get back on track once things are settled. This will give you the empowerment to go full throttle with your marketing strategy.

Carrying out a content audit

Auditing your content is the first step to improving your marketing tactics. It’s important to re-visit your content from time to time so you can see areas of development. For example, you have been spending a while on blog posts, make sure that they are long-form and provide some sort of relevancy to your audience. 

Taking advantage of useful tools like Google Search Console to view how well your website is performing. It also shows what areas you can improve. This tool allows marketers to view what pages are the most popular. You can also view what countries users are landing on the website from, search appearances and much more. 

On the other hand, if you don’t spend a significant amount of time on video, chances are you need a shift in content. statistics now show online users pay more attention to video than any other form of content. Such decisions keep audiences in consideration, which will thereby allow maximum amounts of engagement during the pandemic. 

Creating content relevant to the climate

It’s imperative that you’re churning out relevant content, which means you must ask yourself this question. What is the information that my audience requires during the pandemic? If you look closely to working habits, the majority of countries in lockdown are working from home, so what sort of information would they be searching for?

This could be anything from motivational articles and videos, tools and techniques that will help to improve their concentration levels. It will also help them relax whilst carrying the burden of a heavier, stressful workload now that they’re at home with others. The answer to this question is simple, give them what they need. 

You can utilise tools such as Google Trends here to view what online users are searching for based on the sector you’re focused on. You can visualise daily search trends for regions, countries and much more. Keywords can also be compared to others to see which of them seem to be searched for the most. Also what days they have been searched for the most. 

Here, you must be creative to keep them both interested and engaged with your content. This is so that you have the fuel to fire your marketing tactics when things begin to get better. The likes of infusing positivity into their workspace or creating synergy with work colleagues whilst working from home may be a good place to start.

Continue churning out content

Thought of a content idea that is both relevant and creative? Build upon it and get it churned out as soon as you can. The more you keep pushing out content, the more engagement you will see. So when cogs begin turning, your content will help to hit the ground running.

Too much content is never enough. It is important though, to ensure that you’re mixing it up to keep users interested. Create blog posts, infographics, newsletters, videos and other pieces of content to diversify your content. Also, be sure to utilise an array of social media platforms so you can access a wider range of audience. 

If you’re looking to improve upon your content during this unprecedented time, be sure to contact the Colewood team to provide you with bespoke content for your marketing tactics.