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How to Get Found Online – A Small Fish in a Big Pond

In modern-day business, an online presence is essential to the overall growth of the company. Businesses who fail to acknowledge this are ultimately limiting how far they can go in their aim to expand. However, just because some businesses out there are still in the stone age, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are using Martian technology just by having a presence on the internet.

The key here is getting found online – because the pond is big, and within it are far more fish than you can possibly imagine, all fighting to be seen. In fact, using a “pond” as a metaphor doesn’t properly do it justice. The internet is a sea of websites and links – one that is bigger than any of the world’s oceans. In this blog post I will be outlining a few different ways in which your company website – a “fish” – can be better found online.

Keywords are Your Fishing Bait

So, continuing on with this metaphor of your website being a small fish in a big “pond”, one of the first elements I’d like to address is the use of keywords. If you imagine your target audience is going on a little fishing trip when searching for something online, your keywords are sort of like the fishing bait which they have on the end of their rod. It is imperative that you optimise your keywords, so you know exactly what type of bait for your website to swim towards because, if you do not, you may end up in the completely wrong boat of someone looking for an entirely different fish.

There are various online tools that may help you with this, such as SEMrush, which can help you to locate the keywords which are doing their job as well as the keywords which you may need to take another look at. This really is a life or death aspect of your website as well as your overall online presence.

So, in short: ensure your keywords are relevant and concise.

Swim with a School of Fish

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘strength in numbers’? This basically follows the idea that a group (or network) has more influence than just one individual. The same can be said in terms of business. The more you network with other businesses and interact with your target audience, the faster your reach will increase.

Where’s best to put this into practice? The obvious answer is by setting up a social media account for your business on any of the main social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Using social media for business enables you to reach an entirely new sea of networking, interaction, and opportunity in which you can learn, share, and create.

The population of this school of fish is split into two main categories: other businesses and consumers. Depending on whether your business is more B2B or B2C will dictate which social media platform is best fit for you.

It is also important to note that attending business networking events can sometimes work wonders in terms of getting your company found, albeit on a smaller scale than social media.

For more useful insights into boosting your online social media presence, head over to: https://www.colewood.net/blog/how-to-boost-your-business-social-media-presence/

Share What You Know

This next pointer has the potential to dramatically increase your chances of being found online – if done right. Basically, start a blog. This is an important aspect of digital marketing which, unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t seem to fully acknowledge. We’ve all had a look at a company website and seen a poorly treated, shamefully neglected blog that hasn’t been updated since July 2012. Not many interesting species of fish over by their section of the sea, is there?

This just goes to show how little a lot of businesses understand the actual benefits of including a blog on your company website. They give your website fresh content which ensures your website sees regular updates, as well as increasing the overall number of pages on your website. This means that there are more pages on your website for Google to index, which in turn provides it with an increased understanding of your content.

The best way to blog is to stick to a content schedule to build routine and ensure both quality and consistency are present. This means posting relevant and useful information which people will want to read, and on a routine basis so that your blog doesn’t run dry. An important question to ponder throughout the creation of each of your blog posts is “Would I want to read this myself?” If you always tick this box and are genuinely passionate about what you’re sharing online, then you are most definitely on the right track.

In addition, blogging also gives you the opportunity to add backlinks to your website and enables you to keep linking back to previous articles or other pages on your website wherever relevant.

Anyway, if you’d like to understand more about the benefits of starting a blog and how to do it best, be sure to swim over to: https://www.colewood.net/blog/seo/5-reasons-why-blogging-is-great-for-seo/

Just Keep Swimming

All in all, getting found online on a large scale is no easy feat, so one quality you do need to have is perseverance. Everything must start small, and your company’s online presence is no different. However, if you’re putting in the time and the effort that you feel is necessary and if your content really is something you feel deserves to be seen among the sea of other websites and channels, then you will eventually reach greatness in time.

All you need to do, as a rather famous blue fish once said, is to ‘just keep swimming’.