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How is Page Value in Google Analytics Used?

When viewing the All Pages report in Google Analytics, you may have noticed that alongside the Entrances, Bounce Rate and Exit % metrics, there is a Page Value number displayed as a currency.

What is Page Value and how is it used?

If you have eCommerce tracking setup in Google Analytics (or a monetary value assigned to your Goals) this will be used to calculate the Page Value.

Each page that a user viewed before they completed a transaction or goal with a value will be assigned an average of that value. This helps to show the pages of your website that contribute to your website’s revenue, literally showing you your most valuable pages.

Why is Page Value important?

Page Value can be very useful in identifying which pages are working for you and which ones aren’t. If pages aren’t contributing towards a user making a transaction or completing a goal, are they really needed?

Of course, there are many other factors to this, but segmenting your website into sections to see the Page Value of these sections can be useful to see which areas to improve.

The Explorer view in Google Analytics will give you a trend for Page Value depending on your date range and the filtering of pages on the All Pages report:

From here you can see if the trend is heading in the right direction. For example, if your strategy is to create content that will lead to sales, then the page value of those pages should be increasing if you are improving your content and that content is successfully leading to sales.

Improving Page Value

In order to improve Page Value, you need to look at the pages of your website and see if they are performing in these three areas:

  1. Gaining new users
  2. Engaging and informing users
  3. Leading users into the conversion journey

This is what we did for this example client. We looked at which pages weren’t gaining new users and removed them as well as added new pages.

The content of these pages changed to be more relevant and ultimately lead to more sales through the website, increasing the Page Value of those pages from £3.22 to £4.35

With the pages being more effective to increasing sales this strategy will continue and the Page Value will continue to be monitored.

If you would like to increase the Page Value of your pages, contact the SEO Team at Colewood.