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How Google Specialisations Could Help Your Business

Unloading the advertising portion of your business to an external body can take a lot of the pressure off a business – however, finding the right company to trust with your advertising needs can be daunting. Google Specialisations can take some of the stress out of this decision.  

What is a Google Specialisation?

If an agency has a Google Specialisation it means that at least one or more members of staff have been awarded official commendation from Google, which recognises their expertise in different aspects of Google advertising.

There are multiple exams somebody can sit in various aspects of Google advertising to specialise in each one. At Colewood multiple members of staff have passed exams demonstrating their ability as search specialists in Google Shopping, Display and Video advertising – making them well equipped to meet your business’ advertising needs.

This being said, simply passing the test is not enough for an agency to maintain this distinction. To stay specialised, the campaigns run through the company must continuously meet a threshold through budget, revenue and overall reach.

Google Partner Vs Premier Google Partner Status

Both of these distinctions are positives which would benefit your business, however, there is still a difference between the two. An agency can have Google Partner status if one member of their team has passed Google’s exam. However, to gain Premier Status, at least two or more affiliated individuals must be certified in Google Ads.

It goes without saying that the more people with expertise in this field the more trust you might feel in handing your advertising needs to them. At Colewood, not only have many members of staff passed one Google Ads certification, but they have passed multiple, making them search specialists in: Google Shopping, Display and Video adverts  – and are continuously increasing their skills in other forms of advertising. This dedication to increasing our knowledge means that with Colewood you know you’re advertising is in capable hands.

How can I Tell if a Business is Google Ads Certified?

Once a company is a Google Partner or Premier Google Partner, they will receive a badge which will show up on their profile. This information is public and can be viewed here and is often advertised on the company’s site itself. This information can help you make an informed decision when choosing the best body to represent your business in the advertising sector.