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How Can Brands Use Social Media During A Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on businesses that has scarcely been seen before. With stores and businesses closing and events being cancelled across the world, online marketing has become more important than ever.

Keeping your brand’s online presence active and relevant during this downtime is crucial to attracting new visitors and regaining momentum once businesses are able to re-open.

Here are our 3 top tips on how small businesses can make use of social media during times of crisis such as these. 

Build relationships

Many conversations are sparked on social media during crises and the Coronavirus pandemic has meant more businesses have had to adopt an online stance. With many businesses taking to social media to update customers on their status during the pandemic, it has opened a door to greater communication and opportunity to build trust with customers. 

However, if your business is turning to social media, make sure that you don’t jump on bandwagons in sharing misinformation. While it might seem useful to spread advice and information in times of crisis, it’s crucial that you check your facts are accurate and official.


As more people have to digitally communicate and many make use of social media to do this, it means that more customers will be ordering online. For this reason, it is important that your business’ online presence is up-to-date and highlights your values and personality. 

This can be especially crucial for small businesses who may have struggled during the pandemic, so being proactive and engaging on social media ensures you are still gathering an audience and potential customers.


Continued communication with your audience is work that businesses can carry out in the background, whether they are dealing with reduced team numbers or disrupted work patterns. Tailor your tone to the circumstances and rather than pushing sales-y content, be empathetic and helpful – adding humour never hurts either!

Keeping an element of transparency during this time is extra important. Make sure to let customers know if the business is still running as usual, on reduced hours or exclusively online.

If you are having trouble keeping up your brands’ online presence during this business downtime, our SEO team can help you create and tailor a content marketing strategy.