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Blogging With SEO In Mind

If you already have a blog and create content to regularly post, you probably have an understanding of the importance of business blogging. But a business blog is completely pointless without ensuring you are optimising it correctly to ensure engagement and visibility is up there. There are huge marketing advantages to creating a blog for your business, although this tends to be lesser known, and many blogs don’t get updated for weeks or months at a time as they get put on the back burner and are almost forgotten about. So, we have put together a few tips and tricks on how best to optimise your blog. 

Do your research

Keyword research tools will be your best friend whilst preparing your blog topic and content. It is important to only implement a certain keyword where necessary as overloading your blog post with as many keywords or terms as possible can actually hurt your SEO. Google ads keyword tool or SEMrush keyword magic tool are great for finding high quality keywords and high volume search terms. This way, you can see which keywords and terms are bringing traffic to your competitors websites. 

Make sure your blog is mobile friendly

Mobile friendly sites and blogs are becoming increasingly important, as technology has advanced, more and more people are using their phones than laptops or computers to visit websites and blogs. Therefore, ensuring a few things are in place to make your blog post mobile friendly is essential to its success. Using responsive design for your blog posts means the mobile allows the blog post to have just one URL instead of 2, therefore, any inbound links coming into your website will not be split between two sites, as a result, helping your SEO.

Use social media to increase the reach of your blog

Using other platforms to increase the reach and visibility of your blog is a great way to get more traffic. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram create connections not only with existing customers but new ones as well. You can promote your blog across all your social media platforms, to bring in new traffic to your site that you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise. This way, consumers can share this around on their own platforms, meaning the audience growth can only get larger and larger with time and word of mouth. 

Update your content regularly

No one wants to read outdated, old content that hasn’t been updated in years, so it is highly important that content is up to date and relevant. Not only will this rank on the SERP faster and bring in new visitors, but also takes you less time as a creator, to update content, rather than creating completely new content from scratch. 

Additionally, updating content that has already flourished on your blog, this update gives it a second lease of life that achieves the best results over a longer period of time. As well as updating your content, you want to make sure you are removing any outdated content that is no longer relevant to your audience. This could include any old product information, incorrect statistics or figures or any industry information that may have changed over the months and years. 

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