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5 Of the Best PPC Campaigns That Worked

Here at Colewood we work with so many different types of companies and industries with all clients having their own KPI’s, which is why PPC is never one rule that fits all in terms of campaigns types, structures and goals. 

With Google Ad’s veering heavily towards machine learning and automation, introducing numerous new features over the past year such as auto-apply recommendations, changes with keyword match types, completely new campaign types and search ad features, the PPC team have been able to trial them, and working alongside our clients to drive the best results for their business. 

We’ve chosen some of our best PPC campaigns over the past year that have really worked for our clients and delivered some amazing results…

Phrase & Exact Search Campaign Split

A success we have seen through a search structure was implementing two separate branded campaigns. Post the covid boom, when stores began to open in April 2021, we saw this client’s brand search campaign, which was running on a target CPA bidding strategy negatively impacted in terms of the revenue it was generating, along with the target CPA significantly increasing. To counteract this we structured two brand search campaigns, one only including exact match keywords, and the other using broad and phrase match keywords. We kept the broad campaign on a target CPA bidding strategy, and put the exact campaign on maximize clicks, gradually taking high converting search terms from the broad campaign and including them as SKAG’s in the exact campaign. What we did see from this structure was the cost-per-transaction dropped from £1.90 to £0.20, and after a few months the exact campaign is now generating over 75% of the overall branded revenue at that lower CPA of £0.10, increasing ROAS from 9077% to 55423%.

Smart Shopping

Smart shopping is definitely getting bigger and bigger in the Google AdWords world, and as we have started to roll out in more client accounts we have seen some really amazing results in comparison to shopping campaigns using manual cpc bidding. This summer we started to roll out smart in a client account that was using a branded split shopping structure, each brand allocated its separate campaign. We started by trialling priority brands, initially running both a standard and smart shopping campaign for each brand on a 50/50 budget split, to prevent any drastic drops in performance while the smart campaigns were still in the learning phase. We then assessed performance on a fortnightly basis, adjusting budgets accordingly based on the ROAS and revenue generated from each campaign, putting more budget into the higher performing campaigns, which proved quite quickly to be in favour of the smart campaigns, as they were performing at a better ROAS and significantly lower average cost-per-click, along with increasing their volume of sales substantially. 

Youtube Ads Campaign

Utilising video marketing has never been more important. Engagement rates are much higher than static imagery. Utilising youtube ads via PPC has seen unprecedented growth for our clients, we strongly believe when it comes to growth having an effective video campaign is essential. We implemented channel targeting methods coupled with effective video’s and strong CTA’s, as a result we saw a steady increase in brand term search queries and view through conversions. While the campaign was providing quality CTR’s. After regular client communications it was clear that our client was getting regular queries on the suitability and how to use the product effectively. It was then decided to add videos to the product page. This saw an increase in conversion rates for the trial products. We then began promoting the product videos on various channels across youtube. Targeting competitors channels for even more outreach, showing the simplicity of the clients product range.

Smart Display Campaign

Smart campaigns allow us to show ads across the whole Google Display Network, reaching a huge amount of audiences at different times throughout their purchasing decision. Using a target CPA (cost-per-acquisition) bidding strategy, we’ve used different types of display ad formatting to target potential customers for one of our largest clients, and have seen some really successful results. Since implementing the smart display campaign, over the past year it has consistently run at a 1200% ROAS. Working alongside our client to choose high quality images, and A/B splitting both imagery and ad text in the responsive display ads, we’ve also managed to generate a click-through-rate of 1.25%, which for display ads is also a success in itself. The placements where we have seen the highest volumes of revenue generated were Ebay, YouTube, Gmail and The Guardian.

Black Friday Social Media Success

While it would seem obvious that running paid social media ads on Black Friday would be a huge success, that’s not always the case. Many people don’t run the ads properly, or optimise them to get the best results, resulting in less than average results. With one particular Black Friday campaign that we ran on social media, the results speak for themselves. When comparing the results to the entire previous month, our Black Friday campaign tripled the number of sales, increased the website profit by 340% and only cost £50 to run over the space of 4 days. This is down to knowing the audience we were targeting, making sure the offer would be something useful and of value to them, as well as making the offer available for more than just the one day. While the likes of Amazon and big companies are able to run their offers for almost 10 days, smaller businesses don’t have that luxury, but running the offer for more than one day is hugely beneficial. This doesn’t always have to be limited to Black Friday, this can be applied at any time throughout the year, you just need to make sure it’s an offer they would want, and that they would benefit from.

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